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Personal Mobility
PersonalOur Mobility Trainers offer one-to-one training and support to users who want to get the most out of their iPhone, iPad and Mac or PC. We will show you how to be sure you are in total synch with all your devices so you only add contacts, calendar events and notes on one device, and have them available on all your devices. We will customize your training based on a questionnaire we will send you in advance that will help us identify your personal and professional needs. We will recommend the apps you may with to download and then be sure you are proficient on them.


Here are some of the skills we will help you master.


  • Word compatible Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Fax right from you iPad
  • Control your Mac or PC from your iPad
  • Take secure payments right from you iPhone or iPad, no monthly charges!
  • Cloud Storage of documents
  • Signing documents on your iPad
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