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Business Mobility


The iPad is an incredible tool for business. Most companies benefit from a combination of custom apps for their specific business processes, and strategically identifying the most beneficial apps from the over 500,000 in Apple’s App Store. Our mobility specialists can show you how to decide which apps will make you more productive and then train you to use them proficiently. divider

Realtor iPad Workshops


Introductory Curriculum


  • Learning the Basics of how to use an iPad and iPhone.
  • Understand the settings and features needed for business, including iCloud and Apple TV.
  • How to sync your phone, ipad and PC or Mac so that you only have to put in contacts, appointments etc. one time and they sync to all the devices.
  • Discover the core apps: Mail, Safari, Calendar and More.
  • Understand the core apps specific to Realtors.
  • Learn how to get documents to the iPad to sign them.
  • How to take notes with your clients at showings on your device.
  • Learn the best app for signing Contracts and documents.
  • Learn how to use the app pages to increase your business and impress your clients.
  • Learn how to do an open house on an iPad. * What accessories do you really need? What apps?

Advanced Curriculum


  • Creating Word, Excel, Powerpoint compatible documents on your iPad
  • Running a complete Open House from your iPad; from sign in to follow up.
  • Synching your communications
  • Having your clients sign disclosures and other  documents on your iPad
  • Complete Contracts, clients sign and send to listing agent on your iPad
  • Transfer, Store and Save files from your iPad to your phone and computer
  • Upload photos in the field and send them to your computer
  • Must Have Apps
  • Wowing your clients
  • Lead Capture
  • Time Management
  • Social Media Marketing


Business Mobility Training for Attorneys

Businessman in front of bookcaseSince the 2008 launch of the iTunes App Store, apps have become increasingly popular and relevant to all aspects of our daily lives, including the practice of law. Among the more than 500,000 apps that populate the iTunes App Store are apps for legal research, apps for legal news, apps for time management, and even apps for jury selection. Legal apps are not, of course, limited to Apple iOS devices. Legal apps appear in the app stores for Android devices and for BlackBerry devices—albeit to a significantly lesser extent.

Attorneys (Attend For Continuing Education Credits)


  • Synching your Contacts, Calendars, and email with your Mac or PC (15 minutes)
  • iPad Basics (15 Minutes)
  • Word Processing (20 Minutes)
  • Marking Up Documents (15 minutes)
  • Note Taking (15 Minutes)
  • To-Do Lists (15 Minutes)
  • Project Management (15 minutes)
  • Spreadsheets (10 Minutes)
  • Presentations (10 Minutes)
  • Customized “Books” (10 Minutes)
  • Sharing Documents (10 Minutes)
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